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A Walk in the Woods



Imagine you are in a wood.

How does that wood feel to you?

What does it look like?

What season is it?

Is it a nice, nasty place?


Now before you, you see a path, Describe that path

As you walk on it, how does it make you feel?

Where do you think you might be headed?


You look down on the path and see a key

What kind of key?

What might it fit?

Do you take it with you, or leave it behind?


Continue walking along the path, now you find a coin.

What kind of coin?

Do you keep it or leave it?


Next you see a cup. What kind of cup?

What is it filled with? Do you drink? Do you take it or leave it?


Next you come across an angry animal blocking your path…

What kind of animal? What do you do?


Next you come to some water…

What kind of water is it? How does it make you feel?

You notice that the path ends in a wall

What kind of wall?

How doe it make you feel? What might be on the other side?

You look over the wall, what do you find?





The Wood      Landscape of how you see your life


Path                Your journey through life                   


Key                  Opportunities in life


Coin                 Career and Education


Cup                  Spirituality      

Animal            Life Obstacles


Water             Sexuality


Wall                Death 


Over the Wall            Life after death