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Independent Personal Psychotherapist & Stress Consultant
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Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy

 Independent Advanced Psychotherapist
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A response to trauma is a natural things and in most cases, recovery from a trauma goes well.  All too often however people can have a reaction to a trauma which has long lasting effects.  This can involve repetative traumas (as in childhood abuse) or one incident trauma (such as an episode in hospital or a road accident).  The trauma response can also happen during or after being involved in a toxic relationship.

In Psychotherapy, dealing with trauma is all part of the process whether we entered therapy because of a trauma or not.  This is because we all experience traumas in life, large or small and for each person, how traumatic something is depends on the person.  For instance someone could be very traumatised after moving house whereas another person may not see this as a trauma at all.

Exploring traumas sounds pretty scary but I have found that most people find it quite the opposite.  In therapy with me, it does not involve re-experiencing the trauma in the same was as it was originally experienced (as is a common myth of therapy) but involves a process which is designed to integrate a trauma and trauma response enabling a person to understand, self develop and work through issues involved.