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Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapist
Market Deeping, Peterborough
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Personal Psychotherapy
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Insomnia and Sleep Therapy

With Insomnia Practitioner being part of my therapeutic skills, my aim is to establish healthy sleeping patterns for those struggling with disturbed sleep whether this be intermittent sleep issues or chronic insomnia.

Sleep is known to be a very important factor involved in people's mental health and well-being and when someone is not sleeping this can cause general stress, low mood, anxiety, depression and over eating to name but a few things. To add to the problem, depression, stress and anxiety can lead to problems getting a good night's sleep too, so a you can be caught up in a cycle of sleeping problems.

With sleep being a delicate process, it doesn't take much to cause a sleep problem and bad sleeping habits can form easily & quickly adding to a persons distress over-all.  To intervene on sleep problems can involve a complexity of approaches which is why those stuck in its cycle find it hard to get out.

Insomnia Therapy is done within my psychotherapy practice so psychotherapy is involved in the process which can help deal with emotional and psychological issues that are adding to the sleep problem.