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Sex Therapy

Sex is never an issue until there is a problem in the bedroom and then it can be a very big problem indeed. Problems of a sexual nature for an individual or couple can cause severe anxiety and can disrupt a relationship.   

Sex and our sex lives are often discussed openly but suddenly it becomes a taboo subject when theres a sexual problem going on.  Then suddenly there is no talking and a lot of shame, embarrassment and judgement.

I work with individuals but not couples in psychosexual therapy but during the work if we feel that couples counselling would be the next step then I have a colleague who I refer couples to for their next steps.

The types of issues people seek Psychosexual Therapy for include:
-Loss of Desire & interest in sex
-Inability to feel stimulated
-Confusing emotional responses to stimulation
-Sexual Education and learning
-Exploring changes of sex life through long term relationships
-Sex in new relationships
-Sex in first relationships
-Sex life during Peri-menopause and menopause
-Sex life after having babies
-Sex life during mid-life
-Rekindling sexual connection with partners
-Decision making about suggested sexual practices

sex therapy in peterborough
(Artwork by Katy Bailey.Psychotherapist and Artist Cambridge)