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Daily routine for a pre-schooler



1  Every evening, while preparing dinner, put 1  load of washing on.

2  When kids are in bed, get the washed washing out and lay flat ready to hang out /up in the morning.


3  As soon as you wake up, get up. This is important.

   Don't lay in bed worrying about what your mind is doing as this can make you

   feel worse. The horrible morning feeling is the last to go. So try not to worry

   about that or about fixing it yet. Just know you'll feel crap in the mornings for

   a good while yet.


4  Hang out/up the wet washing from last night to dry

5  Get McCauley & sch kids ready and get them to school.


6 Drive home and tidy up morning mess

   So tidy the kitchen, vacuum if needed, process laundry.

   Involve Mcauley in these things (can be slower but no rush)

   Get the house straight.

   Decide what you're doing for dinner that night.


7 Walk briskley to Mums with Mcauley.

If you drive to Mums due to bad weather or something, then take him for a 20 minute walk once youre at Mums, then go into mums and  give him morning snack and play until his lunch-time. Do this around 1130-12 noon.

Feed him lunch and take him home. (maybe he will fall asleep on the way home or soon after youre home)


Mcauleys Sleep

While he's asleep watch a favourite programme on TV. Some kind of guilty pleasure rubbish on TV or Netflix. This is your rest time.


9 Mcauley Wakes

When he wakes, or wake him accidentally on purpose around 45 minutes before going to school and soon after give him a snack and drink to help wake him up. (if this goes all wrong, do what you can to get as close to this routine as possbile, if it goes very wrong, just do what you can)


10 Pick the kids up from school


11 Prepare evening meal

     and bring in washing and put new lot of washing on for next day