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Julie Morley Personal Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy 

 Independent Advanced Psychotherapist
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Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Peterborough UK

Personal Psychotherapy

As your Personal Psychotherapist our work together will be unique.  A successful term in Personal Psychotherapy aims to be life changing and self empowering bringing a deeper level of self understanding as we work together to bring insight in to your whole being.

'In therapy we would begin with looking at what's been happening,  what is concerning you, how you function inside your mind and in life, and what makes a difference to that'

Whether you enter therapy short term to deal with immediate problems or stay for longer is entirely up to you and how you feel.

Some of the aims of therapy include:

  • Dealing with Mental Health Issues
  • Working through life's challenges and problems
  • Understanding your mind
  • Altering internal processes of mind
  • Altering dysfunction of thinking
  • Personality developments
  • Developing your true authentic self
  • Understanding who you really are and why
  • Improving emotional and psychological well-being
  • Moving towards contentment and fulfilment
  • Reducing over-reactions to situations
  • Enabling better communication with others and your internal self
  • Feeling better about yourself and your life
Psychotherapy and mental Health issues
Anxiety and stress

'You don't have to have a mental health problem
to benefit from Personal Therapy'

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