For Women
'You don't have to have a mental health problem to benefit from personal therapy'

Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapist
Market Deeping, Peterborough
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Personal Psychotherapy & Stress Consultancy


Psychotherapy for Women

Personal Psychotherapy aims to bring a level of emotional and psychological balance.  It explores life experience, your functioning in the world (thinking, feeling, sensing and interactions) and what makes a difference to that.  Some of the work in Psychotherapy is about bringing into awareness that which is often unconscious which enhances self awareness and how a person relates to themselves and others. Therapy aims to bring positive personal change which affects relationships with others, your work and social life and your overall life needs and purpose.

People also find that Psychotherapy improves functioning in the world and how you relate to yourself and others.  Successful Psychotherapy can be life changing and self empowering. 

Therapy is a process that brings parts of you to the surface, and reduces parts of you that are running the show too much and aims for balance as best as possible. These parts can be personality parts, coping mechanisms, complexes, neurotic parts, trauma, repressed needs and wants, ego states and psychological and emotional functioning.  We all have a complexity to that which makes us unique.

'You don't have to have a mental health issue
to benefit from Personal Therapy'

You don't have to have a mental health issue to benefit from personal psychotherapy or counselling but where there are psychological or emotional issues, I work with a wide variety of known mental health conditions and problems that are detailed here on this link - < Click Here >
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I offer Psychotherapy and
Counselling for women,
Monday to Friday 9am -4pm