Julie Morley

MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip, dip.psysextherapy, Adv.dip.CP

Personal Psychotherapist

Market Deeping / Deeping St James, Peterborough UK 

Tel: 07902 583 487      Email: [email protected]

Personal Psychotherapy

Personal Psychotherapy tends to looks more deeply into who we are and tends to spend the time to bring to light that which is usually unconscious. This process helps us work on how are, how we function, our automatic responses, how we are in the world and what makes a difference to that.

It involves counselling techniques and deeper level psychotherapeutic techniques with the aim is to more permanently alter ineffective parts of psychological and emotional functioning. This would result in improved relationship with oneself, with other and more effective coping skills to deal with life in general.

Sometimes the root of an issue needs to be dealt with and psychotherapy involves more interventions, approaches and techniques to facilitate more areas of positive change. This means that there is a lot more chance of the therapy creating more permanent or long lasting positive effect. This can help prevent repeats of the same issues arising further down the line.

Some of the resu‚Äčlts of the psychotherapy process are:

  • Reduction of mental health issues

  • Improved emotional & Psychological balance

  • Improvement of general wellbeing

  • Improved inter-personal skills & communication

  • Reduction in frustration and irritation

  • Get in touch and cement personal values

  • Remove unhelpful belief systems
  • Gain Self Acceptance & Understanding
  • Reduction in unhelpful automatic responses to others and situations
  • Integrate parts of ourselves that are perhaps laying dormant
  • Remove unwanted blocks to positive change or personal development

Mental Health Counselling

Mental Health literally means the health of a person's psychological and emotional state. Ideally, we want Mental Health.

The terms bad mental health, mental health problem or difficulties relates to symptoms that are starting to affect a person's psychological and emotional wellbeing which can includes symptoms such as anxiety problems, depression and insomnia and this can compound the problem and also affect other life areas such as work, parenting, intimate or family relationships and friendships.

Some of the issues I work with include: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Relationship Difficulties, Trauma, Loss, Anger, Bereavement, Toxic Relationships, Sexual Problems, Post Natal Depression, Divorce & Separation, Self Esteem issues, Work related stress

Relationship Therapy for Individuals

Individual relationship therapy is about using psychotherapy and counselling to improve all kinds of relationships that we have including our intimate relationships, family and friends, in-laws and work relationships.  With regards to working with intimate realtionships, I don't believe that couples therapy is always the answer or the solution. When one person enters therapy and works on themselves and their relationships with others, there will be changes in that person and the dymanics with others.

Women's Stress Consultancy

I work with women around stress as I feel that there are particular stresses that women deal with that are particular to them.  It is still counselling & Psychotherapy but the reason for starting the therapy doesn't lend itself to the description of a mental health problem.

Of course stress can cause mental health difficulties but in many cases, people are managing so much and so well that it is often overlooked that actually, the person is not feeling very happy despite the feeling that they perhaps should be.

Other times people recognise that they are stressed and simply don't know what to do about it. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with both of these things.

Sleep / Insomnia Therapy

Sleep therapy aims to improve difficulties we have when sleeping. This can be caused from bad habits, stress, anxiety or depression problems, an inability to relax or stop over thinking. Sleep is a simple process when it works well but a complex process when it goes wrong. I am a qualified Insomnia Therapist and trained with a qualification recognised by the Complementary Medical Association.

Emotional Wellbeing Sessions

At the end of a length of psychotherapy, some people choose to attend monthly Wellbeing Sessions >

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Oliver is present in all sessions and is available to work during sessions too. He was 12 months old in March 2022 and is a large Larbrador Retriever especially chosen to work in therapy.

If you have any aversion to dogs, then please contact me if you would like to have therapy around this. If you have dog or animal allergies, please keep looking for a different therapist which will be more suitable to you.