For Women
''You don't have to have a mental health problem to benefit from Personal Therapy'
Julie Morley (Hyp.dip, Ad.dip.CP, MNCS)
Independent Accredited,
Integrative Personal Psychotherapist
Market Deeping & Deeping St James,
Peterborough  Tel: 07761 065 726

Personal Psychotherapy & Stress Consultantancy

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Personal Development for women

A large part of Psychotherapy is personal development.  For women the aim is around developing authenticity to who they really are and feeling assured and being able to be assertive without anxiety. Confidence grows and changes happen as you take control and lead in your life rather than life, or other people, leading you along.

If all this is worked on effectively, the outcome is an increase in self-esteem and a balance in personality and emotional state.  Sense of self develops more strongly and this improves social functioning. This all has a knock on effect to emotional and psychological well-being and a general feeling of self empowerment and life's purpose. Life in general improves as do relationships.

Some of the areas that can be affected are:
Emotional Balance
Low Confidence
Personality Integration
Psychological Well-being
Self Esteem
Sense of Self
Social Development
Significant Life Changes
Self Awareness
Self Empowerment
Self Validation
Life Purpose