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Nutritional Solutions

General Nutrition

Basic Healthy Eating Essentials- No Messing!

3 healthy meals per day, plus at least 2 litres of water and 1-3 healthy snacks depending on your size and activity levels.

Protein: found in tofu, beans, seeds, pulses, fish, poultry, and meat, milks.

Controls feelings of fullness, control appetite, builds muscle (with appropriate exercise),  helps to carry oxygen round the body during exercise, soy protein reduces cholesterol. Gives longer lasting fullness.

Complex Carbs: found in wholegrain cereals, wholemeal breads and pastas, brown rice and fruit.

Works in conjunction with lean Protein to control hunger and feelings of fullness. Eaten in conjunction with Protein keeps you full for over 3 hours.

All other Simple Carbs: potatoes, white pasta and rice, fruit juices, cakes, white bread, fizzy drinks (diet or not), crisps, chips, etc.

Contain high levels of calories, sugars (natural or chemical), fat – in effect empty calories! Quick bursts of energy leaving you feeling hungry again within 10-40mins!

Fruit and vegetables: 2 portions fruit per day and 3-5 portions of different colourful veg.

Healthy Snacks: fruit, low fat yoghurt, raw veg, homemade housmous, low fat cottage cheese with a wholemeal bread or cracker. Protein bars.



MEN always need Zinc after 35             WOMEN always need B vits

Over 50’s- chew chewing gum for digestive acids.


NO saturated fator sugar  is needed

Protein for Breakfast (hormones, rebuilding muscles (Eggs, Nuts, granary bread)

If eating Musli, drink plenty of water

Eat Butter with Phospholipds (from plants) in it- not marj.  It prevents vitamins from Hydrochloric acid.

Blood Types O are OK with Dairy, others are not.

Stress Hormones Cortizol (& adrenaline) causes cancer & fat. It becomes toxic


Omega 6 & 3 with extra nutrients





Bronchial Mucus

Sulpher, Salt on tongue stops mucus coughing too


Breast Cancer

Selenium & vitamin A antioxidants



Chromium- helps cells become pereable to take glusocse





Easy bruising

Vitamin K helps clotting



Zinc for men and all Macro & Micro Minerals


Chocolate or Cheese Cravings

Needs Phospholipds (fat soluable vitamins)



Essential Fatty Acids


No Gal Bladder

Lecithin to break down fats


High blood pressure

Omega 3, water


Immune System

Bifiodholus Probiotics plus other Bowels Probiotics



Magasorb supplement.


Salt on end of tongue for insomnia sometimes works


Oedema and or Inflamation



Vitamin D & B Vitamins



Omega 6



Food combining- must get 8 essential vitamins


Heart Disease

  • Folic Acid, B6 & B12 for thickening of arteries
  • Vitamin A & B (3) de-plaques arteries without ripping them up & stressing
  • Calcium & Magnesium +ph of possassium & calcium


Thickening of the arteries Atherscolerosis, get Homocystine levels checked at GP if in 40’s & 50’s  (and strokes & Arthritis?)


Folic acid, all B vitamins

THEN after, vitamin A as prevention







(give to men to lower their proteins)



Fruit Carbs – only if you are active

Use Complex carbs instead


Simple Carbs pop, alcohol, juices increase hyperactivity (including fruits

People living on computers crave simple carbs

3,500 is 1lb

Can’t OD on magnesium or calcium

If below 38” on men on waist, its mucle

If belw 32” on woman its mucle



  • Lipds
  • Carmbs