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Hug Until you're Relaxed Exercise

Hug until relaxed Exercise

Try Hugging 'till Relaxed. Here's a terrific was to get more in touch with your partner while also getting a better grip on yourself. It turns a simple hug into a window into your relationship and a way to improve it.

Prepare yourself by taking a few minutes to slow down, relax, and slow your heart rate.

Then stand facing your partner a few feet away. Get a balanced, well-grounded stance over your own two feet. Close your eyes, take a breath, and relax again. Open your eyes, and when the two of you are ready, shuffle forward without loosing your relaxed balanced position, so that you have one foot between your partner's feet.

Get close enough that you can easily put your arms around your partner without feeling off balance, or pulling or pushing your partner off-balance either. Shift your stance or position as needed to be physically comfortable. Let yourself relax into the hug and remember to breathe.

Lots of feelings about your partner, your relationship and yourself are bound to surface. Note your resistances but don't give into them.

NOTE. Ensure this hug exercise is equal hugs as in, hugging each other equally. Not Gary protectively hugging Hayley or Gary needing a hug from Hayley, or visa versa. Emotionally, psychologically and physically thus hug exercise is equal. Not like some other times where one might hug the other to give or get comfort or support.

Afterwards, talk about the experience with your partner. It often takes several months of practice, several times a week, but you'll be amazed by the many improvements this brings.