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Grief and Loss

Grief can be experienced after a bereavement or after any other type of loss.  This can include an ending of a relationship, the loss of a house, home or job, a future plan or anything that was important to someone.  There is also often a strong grief response after the loss of a pet. After a loss or bereavement people need to work through a process of grief.  Sometimes this goes well but sometimes it does not and a person is unable to recover from the loss either emotionally or psychologically. People can be stuck in a very bad way or in a mild way so this varies from severe depression to a general feeling of out of sorts.

The feelings involved can be powerful and a lot of fear is felt which can often be very difficult to work through.

In therapy there is a particular way to work through grief and loss and as the blocks to recovery are dissolved a person is then able to emotionally and psychologically move forward in their life areas.