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Family Life for Women

There are particular issues that affect women when it comes to family life whether bringing up a family or as a woman achieving in a career, or both. For women there are extra concerns and responsibilities involved around elderly parents, young or adult children and the pressures that are put upon women to conform to the rights and wrongs of family and working life having expectations coming from all directions. Psychotherapy can support a person in indentifying best ways forward with balance, boundaries and a spot-light on relationships both at home and at work and with yourself.

As a parent whether dating or in a relationship or not, women usually are (or were if children have grown up now) the main carer of children of the family and usually also the person responsible for keeping the family home functionning and with this comes stress.  It is no wonder many women suffer from anxiety and depression. Therapy can assist in easing the stresses involved during these life changes and increase emotional health.

When the family is grown up there comes other issues like the relationship between your children, your grandchildren or step-grandchildren, in-laws, your partner or indeed finding a new companion for your later years. This is a surprisingly difficult time for many women as times have changed so very much and how to fit in with the world and get need met yourself all can be worked upon in therapy. 

When it comes to other family members like parents or siblings, all kinds of difficult family dynamics can play out and psychotherapy can shine a light on these which helps ease reoccurring problems that can arise. Therapy can aid communication and improve relationships and intervene on difficult family patterns from the past.

Some of the issues involved in this area include:
  • Difficult Family Members
  • Family Disputes
  • Family Lifestyle
  • Coping with Children
  • Living with teenagers
  • Parenting Skills
  • Work/ Life Balance
  • Coping with Change
  • Step-family issues
  • In-law problems
  • Aging parents