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Julie Morley MNCS, Ad.Dip.CP, Hyp.dip
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Stress Consultant, Supervisor and Tutor & Lecturer in Psychotherapy
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1 'm not enjoying our relationship any more and I don't really want to continue being in it.
2 I don't think that we're a good fit any more
3 The thrill and intensity of the initial infatuation has faded and now it's not as much fun as it used to be.
4 I think you're a nice person, but I'm holding out for someone with whom there will be no fading effect and things will be easy, fun, and hot with us all the time.
5 I'm beginning to notice that we have "issues" and I don't like where this is going.
6 I want to get out before it gets too difficult to leave.
7 I'm thinking that you have longer range plans for us than I do.
8 I'm feeling claustrophobic in our relationship and I don't know how to talk about it without making you upset.
9 I'm having feelings that are uncomfortable and disturbing to me and I think that you're causing them.
10 I don't want to hurt or anger you because then you might do the same to me so I'll try to say what I need to say in a way that won't make you feel bad.
11 You don't make me feel the way you used to.
12 I want to slow/cool/wind down our relationship.
12 I just want out.