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Independent Personal Psychotherapist & Stress Consultant
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Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy

 Independent Advanced Psychotherapist
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Emotional Distress & Instability

At times in life you will experience times of emotional distress and this is normal.  Depending on the type of pressure you are under will depend on how you cope and if you cope without any professional help.  Most people at some point come up against situations or stresses which they are unable to cope with very well and therapy and counselling can help in these situations and also increase a persons coping mechanisms for dealing with future similar pressures that come up.  The reasons for bad reactions to certain things are often found in peoples past experiences and /or in their own individual psychological and emotional make-up.  

People who experience prolonged emotional distress can start to suffer from other issues such as anxiety, depression, problems with every day coping mechanisms and experience sleep problems.  Usually these are normal responses and although could well be affecting ones mental health and wellbeing, this is not considered a mental health disorder. 

One area where prolonged emotional distress is representative of a Mental Health Disorder would be in stuations like Borderline Personality Disorder, now known as Emotional Instability Disorder which can be diagnosed either when it is part of an established personality but also when it is a temporary or newly developed problem.  

in Psychotherapy the work is done to develop emotional resilience and coping skills bringing a new understanding of self meaning a person is able to cope more effectively and have less of a prolonged emotional distress response as life stressors arise.