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Independent Personal Psychotherapist & Stress Consultant
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Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy

 Independent Advanced Psychotherapist
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Depression can be of varying degrees from mild to severe and it can also be temporary or longer term.  It is normal for your mood to fluctuate and at times you might feel pretty low but when your low mood gets too low or lasts too long, we are more likely to call this depression. 

Sometimes there has been some kind of trigger for the depression and you may or may not be aware of what that is and much of the time, depression seems to strike from nowhere quite unexpectedly. The feelings associated with depression include a lack of optomism, low energy, a lack of interest in other people and or things that used to interest us. Some of the physical symptoms can include anxiety, palpitations, an increase in IBS, headaches, low energy, an inability to sleep well and general fear, bad moods and withdrawl.