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These are the types of reactions and responses people have to situations and other people which form a defence to negative feelings in them.  They can become ways of being and sometimes can be taken to the extreme.  You can spot them in yourself and in others. IE you might find that you go into ‘denial’ of something bad happening so as not to experience the bad feelings it could cause or ‘Intolerance of Ambiguity’ a simple refusal to experience anxiety about something. Some defences can be more harmful than others.



Isolating feelings by stopping repeated pleasurable activities like masturbation, eating or sex


Cathexis Libido                  

Attached externally eg. fighting instead of sex- a way of avoiding sex



Unable to think about anxiety provoking thoughts



External reality too extreme to bear IE illness, bereavement denying anything wrong with their anti social behaviour, total amnesia of traumatic events



Like soldiers, enemies, prisons, nurses.  Avoid seeing others as another human being



Expressing emotions towards others instead of at who they’re meant for IE Boss shouting at person



Refusal to take next step is normal development for fear of next step or current stage not fully completed yet



An individual manages anxiety caused by having conflicting feelings caused by 1 person



Pretending to be like that person to prevent anxiety.  Being like a superhero or someone else that appears strong or together. This could also be identifying with ‘the aggressor’. Bully becomes bully, abused child becomes abuser


Intolerance of Ambiguity  Refusal to tolerate anxiety provoking situations



Avoiding anything which may promote feelings or temptations of that which is taboo. Feelings are talked about in a matter of fact way


Phobic avoidance              

A phobia is invented (happens) so as not to face reality



Perceiving people as a threat, externalizing unacceptable traits or behaviours. Can make one paranoid.



Saves disappointment provides reasonable excuses


Reaction Formation          

Hiding unacceptable traits by doing the opposite (cleaning when really wants to be dirty), Homophobic but hangs around with gay people



Some trauma has stalled Psychological development and so reverts to pre existing behaviour that is less anxiety provoking



Appears to be forgotten but actually causes anxiety.  Repression of childhood impulses is universal (say Freud). It can affect physical and emotional health as repressed content remains active in the unconsciousness.



A healthy form of cathesis.  A socially acceptable goal in place of repressed libido that can not or should not be discharged.  IE Football, the gym


Turning against self          

Sucks in aggressive view points from others so as to keep a positive view point of them



Need to cleanse of guilt that bad feelings or thoughts have caused, doing something nice after an argument, Obsessive or compulsive rituals are good for this.