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Household Tasks for couples

Household Tasks


Most people do not realise what it takes to run a house so below is a basic example of the list of stuff that most people need to do to run a house.


Often one person takes on all of this load without any problem but after some time, it eventually becomes an issue. 



  1. Look at the list and add any jobs and delete any non relevant jobs.  Then adjust items from one area to another that suits where you are at now.  IE if you clean your oven more often than once a month, then move this to the correct place.
  2. Highlight on the list what you currently do.
  3. Highlight what things you think your partner should do but not you
  4. Consider what you would consider passing to your partner so it feels more equal
  5. Highlight items where standards are higher for one person than the other so this may cause disagreements
  6. Highlight items that you would consider paying others to do (wdw cleaner, gardener etc)



General tidying of kitchen after breakfast /lunches etc

General tidying of bits around the house (cups, shoes, books, cushions, bits)


Thinking up evening meal choice

Cooking evening Meal

Clearing up after meal


Putting washing in machine

Getting washing dried

Folding clean clothes and putting away


Emptying kitchen bin

Emptying recycle bin


Wiping Toilet clean




Weekly shop list and top up

Dusting / Polishing downstairs

Hoovering downstairs

Emptying smaller bins around the house


Top up of shopping

Cleaning bathroom floor

Cleaning shower / bath


Cleaning kitchen floor

Ironing own clothes

Ironing for other person


Household paperwork and filing


Changing Bedding?

Cutting grass


Shopping list & then doing larger shop ?

Hoovering upstairs



Making list for Monthly Shop then monthly shop

Changing Bedding

Dusting polishing upstairs

Gardenning to make garden nice (flowers etc)

Heavier Gardenning tending

Cleaning car outside

Cleaning car inside


Cleaning Windows outside

Cleaning wdws inside


Monthly/weekly  Financial budget planning


Paying bills and other issues related like car tax purchase etc


Thinking about and preparing for extended families birthday cards / presents

Buying family xmas presents


Dishwasher maintenance

Large cleaning of oven




Cleaning wdw frames

Hoovering under sofas