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Couples Counselling

Relationship Counselling for the individual
Sometimes only one person attends counselling to address relationship issues.  This can be because the other person can't or won't attend or because the individual would like to attend to other aspects while they're in therapy that wouldn't involve their partner.

Some significant changes can take place during relationship counselling with one person and the knock on affect of personal therapy changes the significant relationship and how it operates.
Counselling and Psychotherapy
Couples Counselling
Sometimes couples enter counselling as they get on but have a difference or some differences that they are struggling to resolve and so are seeking professional help around resolving their differences, resentments, frustrations and make some positive changes to how they are operating in their relationship with an aim to feel more content in their relationship with each other. 

For others, the relationship is in crisis or has broken down to an extent that they want to try counselling as a last resort or they are likely to separate.  This work is about relationship repair.  Of course it is not always possible to 'repair' a broken relationship if the people in it are not able to resolve their issues, and if this is the case, then counselling can assist in an easier separation.  For those who are able to resolve their differences, then professional support to look at some different approaches to their relationship have of course benefitted them so that they are no longer in crisis and move forward.