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Julie Morley Personal Psychotherapy

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Couples Counselling

couples counselling

Nikki Bruce MBACP
Relationship Counsellor
and Psychosexual Therapist
Warmington & Peterborough

Nikki says: In my private practice, I provide effective and affordable relationship counselling and sex therapy to individuals and couples in the area of Peterborough and Oundle. Every one of my clients is assured strict client confidentiality, professional expertise and an understanding and empathetic ear.

The health of our relationships is a vital factor in our overall health and happiness. Some would say you can’t have one without the other. But healthy relationships don’t happen automatically. Even great relationships, which at first seem so natural and effortless, can encounter problems.

Couples Counselling provides couples with the opportunity to reflect and understand why they feel and act the way they do. People are often too involved in their relationship problems to understand them properly. Couples Counselling holds up a mirror to the relationship, which can result in new understanding and finding new ways to move forward.
relationship therapy

Philip Boddey MBACP
Psychotherapist & Counselling
Couples and Individuals

Philip says, Our relationships change constantly. There are highs, lows and plateaus.  Even strong relationships go through ‘rocky patches’.  They can be emotionally demanding, distressing and difficult to deal with.


If you think your relationship is in trouble, then you are probably right. Many issues can be resolved and don’t have to mean separation or divorce.

The first step is one that you have already taken – to acknowledge that a problem exists. The second step is to understand the root causes of the problem.
The third is to find the tools, support and guidance to help you to cope and move forward positively.

Please feel free to contact me for a free, confidential introduction to the process of couples and relationships counselling. You will be under no pressure to take your enquiry any further.

Sex therapy for couples
Couples counselling