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Independent Advanced Personal Psychotherapist
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Market Deeping, Peterborough UK.
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Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy

 Independent Advanced Psychotherapist
Text:    07761 065 726
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Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Peterborough UK

Appointments & Venue

Thank you for booking an appointment with me and welcome to therapy.

I work at my home at 3 Godsey crescent, market deeping PE6 8hu. As it's a crescent, there is more than 1 entrance off godsey lane, as my house is number 3, were nearest the turning that is closest to the roundabout which has the fuel station off it.

There is a green sign on the side fence on the drive, so you'll know you're at the right house. Please feel free to park on the drive and knock on the front door as you normally would at the time of your appointment.  (Please don't knock earlier as I may not be listening out for the door).

The prices are listed below and I take card payments or cash at the time of your appointment please.
Psychotherapy Fees and Payment

Standard Psychotherapy £40.00 /hour

Long Term Costs
4 Psychotherapy Sessions £140.00 (£35 per session-usually after 4-6 weeks)

12 Psychotherapy Sessions over 3 months £360.00 (£30 per session)

Sessions last for a good hour and are normally scheduled on a weekly basis, at the same time each week. I usually try to find you a regular slot each week and this slot is yours until you no longer need it. Ideally, it is recommended that when you are ready to stop therapy, one week to one months notice is given so that we can close effectively and this length of time depends on how long you have been doing therapy for.
If you find it difficult to find my house or get stuck and so will be late, please cext or call me on:  07902 583 487

Please read this contract before attending.

Terms of Agreement



As your therapist I am committed to you and will give you the time and space to use my expertise, skills and attention.  If possible we will agree to a regular weekly time to meet and any necessary changes will be agreed in advance, with as much notice as reasonably possible.



This is between you and I.  I will on occasion make notes but these are purely issue based for memory, not a recording of a session.  I undertake regular supervision where I may explore any issues I feel necessary but identities are not disclosed.  I am legally required to break confidentially when legally required to do so. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you should see the Privacy Policy which includes information about confidentiality.



My fee includes my supervision costs, insurance, training and membership of The Counselling Society.  Payment can be made monthly or weekly at the session by cash or bank transfer.  Any sessions cancelled without at least 24hrs notice are payable in full. Where notice is given I will make every endeavour to rearrange a session.



Within any session you may wish to disclose a particular issue, thought, feeling, situation, incident or dream or use the time to be quiet and reflect.  Sessions are not structured in a particular way but are facilitated so that you are encouraged to use the time to bring forward for exploration whatever feels priority at any given time.



At the start we may agree a fixed number of sessions or, more usually the number of sessions will be open ended.  When you feel ready to end our sessions, it is recommended this is mentioned 2-3 sessions beforehand so that we can use the opportunity to explore feelings around loss, separation and leaving, with the aim that you leave with full awareness of where you are at and with a positive feeling of closure.



I am a member of The Counselling Society and subscribe to their code of ethics which can be read in full  their website.

Any cancellations are payable unless 24 hours or more notice is given, at which time we will try to re-schedule during the same week where possible.  If you are unable to make your appointment and you have already paid in advance, then usually your appointment is carried over to the following week as long as 24hrs notice is still given. If it's not then a session is deducted from the remaining amount. 
3 Godsey Crescent
Market Deeping
Email:  [email protected]
Telephone: 01778 349 620
Text or call: 07902 583 487