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Coffee Shop Exercise


This powerful exercise uses the power of the imagination to teach you something about yourself.  It grants us access to areas of psyche that
are not accessible in any other way. Images from the unconscious have a holographic-type nature, in that they contain a depth of information that goes far deeper than the surface of the image and affords access to otherwise inaccessible areas of the psyche.

It is a deceptively simple exercise that provides a very useful tool for self reflection, a better understanding of your unconscious ideology, your social values, and, perhaps most significantly, what your personal brand either is, or aspires to be, in the world. 
Imagine a scenario where you are given a brief to establish and run a coffee shop. The parameters are fairly generous:
  • You have unlimited budget, time and resources.
  • You can open this shop anywhere in the world.
  • Whilst making the shop profitable can be a priority it needn’t be; that is to say profitability is a permissible but not necessary (essential) concern.

In constructing your coffee shop these are the parameters, amongst any others that occur to you, that you should focus on:
  • Location.
  • Operating hours.
  • The look and feel of the shop, exterior and interior, shop fittings, layout, colours etc.
  • The ambiance and atmosphere you would create.
  • Your menu
  • Particular area/s of focus.
  • Your clientele
  • Where and what you would be doing in your shop.
  • Any other areas or parameters that occur to you.

Assuming you are doing this exercise on your own I suggest you take the time to write out the answers to these questions; if with a companion you can simply verbalise them, either way the act of concretising the answer through some medium is important and increases the value youwill get from engaging in the exercise.

Simply imagining without some form of expression seems less valuable for some reason.

Please do the exercise and then message me to see what this all means...