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Independent Personal Psychotherapist & Stress Consultant
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Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy

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Psychotherapeutic Coaching for Men

Men often work very differently in therapy and this needs to be understood by the therapist working with them.  Counselling and to a lesser degree Psychotherapy has evolved mostly by women and women have tended to use counselling more. In the past it has been understood as 'something women do'.

Times are changing and men are also wanting to self develop and gain personal and psychological understanding and authenticity and it seems that this can be worked upon better in Psychotherapeutic Coaching than general counselling.

Many men are stuggling in today's world with finding a role in life that feels good and balanced which is not a design put upon them by another like a girlfriend, mother, or school, workplace or the media. 
Our current society does not seem to support many of the varied traditional male roles that for many thousands of years defined who and what a man was.  

In addition,  science is beginning to confirm what most people have suspected the whole time, that males and females have evolved differently on a biological level to have operated in certain roles which are fast becoming obsolete or redefined and this has happened at great speed- certainly within the span of 1 average human lifetime.
This has left many men stuck between a rock and a hard place during their personal life journey and many lose energy, inclination and enthusiasm for their current way of life on a regular basis. 

If you are male and feeling the need for personal development & understanding then maybe Psychotherapeutic Coaching is your next step on your personal journey.