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Julie Morley. Personal Psychotherapy,
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Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Peterborough UK

Job changes people have done. I know all these people.


Factory worker to Traffic warden. Age 39 Nervous breakdown after redundancy.


Pub landlord to nurse. Age 50. Kids left home


Oven cleaning business to aromatherapy office sales manager. Got bored of running own business (midlife crisis)


Accountant to dog walker age 35 Decided she couldn't do this job forever


Accountant to massage therapist tutor age 35 Kids left home, partner well paid. Saw an opportunity


Accounts assistant to personal trainer. Aged 25 Got married


Head of managers in autistic children's homes to health & safety trainer age 38. Bf had affair. Plus IVF didn't work. Fed up with rat race


Police officer to insurance claims investigator aged 42 Broke official secrets act so was forced to resign from police


Senior school Teacher to hypnotherapist - aquatics shop technician Aged 26


Social worker to beauty therapist aged 52 Kids left home


Royal marine to carpenter aged 40 Had cash behind him and had become single n could do what her wanted


Engineer to hairdresser aged 20 Realised he didn't want to be like the old engineers who done this all their lives


Footballer to chef aged 19 Owned up to football being his father's passion n goal n not his.


Commissions manager local government to homeopath. Aged 45 . Fed up of rat race & had married a Dr so could afford to retrain at uni, plus kids left home


Dog food seller, in and out of jobs, drug use, to psychiatric nurse aged 31 .  Was a Psychiatric patient himself, realised he could help others - found his vocation ....


 Dental nurse to plumber. got disheartened with nursing and had finished having children.


Commercial stock analyst with an international mail order / distribution company to secondary school teacher of science. He changed at the age of 49.


Bar worker to heritage tour guide aged 35