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Anxiety Counselling Peterborough

Most people have a level of anxiety when they enter Counselling, some very mild where they are feeling concerned or confused and for others the anxiety is severe.

Anxiety can present in many ways and some of the physical symptoms can range from sleep problems, headaches and racing heart to chest pains, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and upset stomachs. 

Some behaviours can alter when you are suffering from anxiety and these can range from drinking too much alcohol, irritability or an inability to cope to not being able to enter shops, drive or go out.  Generally a withdrawl from normal life. 

The feelings involved in anxiety include feeling over whelmed, having low mood or depression, confusion, frustration, fear, paranoia and feelings about yourself, others and life in general can turn very negative. 

Everyone suffers from anxiety and when this is considered normal would be when someone is about to do something they either don't want to do like visit the dentist, when they hear bad news or when they are about to do something 'nerve-wracking' like speak in public or start a new job.  When anxiety becomes a problem is when the anxiety is there for what seems to be no reason or it is there too much or for too long. 

When anxiety becomes problematic this can be caused by a multitude of things including a prolonged build up of stress (even positive stress), internal conflict, relationship issues, fear about the future, changes in circumstances, anger, sadness or a past trauma.

Anxiety Counselling helps by exploring the root causes of the anxiety and working out how the processing for you has got stuck in a loop.  Working through various psychological and emotional techniques and processes in therapy reduces symptoms and bnegative behaviours and improves thoughts, feelings and funtionning in life. 

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