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Julie Morley. Personal Psychotherapy,
Relationship Therapy and Stress Consultancy

 Independent Advanced Psychotherapist
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Anxiety is a natural human feeling and is useful and very effective.  However when anxiety goes wrong it can bring difficult issues ranging from continued mild feelings of discontent, general feelings of trepidation and anxiety episodes, to the extreme end involving emotional breakdown, depression or anxiety disorders. Physical illnesses can also be happenning due to prolonged anxiety and or stress.   There are many symptoms of anxiety ranging from sleep disturbances, panic attacks, inability to concentrate right up to being unable to function at all. 

As there is such a range of anxiety issues in people, an expereinced Psychotherapist is able to effectively work with a person to identify root causes and then trigger a developmental response in a person to help a person recover from disabling anxiety, prevent anxiety from becoming a problem or balance general anxiety responses that are causing an issue. 

Anxiety is normal and to get anxiety to a normal level is the aim of effective therapy.