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Independent Personal Psychotherapist & Stress Consultant
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Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy

 Independent Advanced Psychotherapist
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Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Peterborough UK

Anger, Frustration & Aggression

Although all connected, anger, frustration and aggression are different. 

These are natural responses in human and animals and these responses do have a place in our lives as long as we are able to understand it and act appropriately improving an outcome of a situation. If frustration and anger is prolonged it can affect other areas of life and deeply affect our mood short or long term. 

In therapy, frustration and anger is worked with in a particular way to reduce the core feelings of annoyance so as to improve personal responses.  This means that the type of therapy I facilitate in this area is not about 'anger management', but is about reducing anger and frustration responses deeper down so that no energy is needed to 'control' anger or 'manage' ones feelings.