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Julie Morley MNCS, Ad.Dip.CP, Hyp.dip
Independent, NCS Advanced Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist,
Stress Consultant, Supervisor and Tutor & Lecturer in Psychotherapy
For Women
Stress and anxiety
stress and Psychotherapy

Personal Psychotherapy & Stress Consultancy

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Welcome to Personal Psychotherapy & Stress Consultancy

Specializing in the Emotional & Psychological well-being of women
Personal Therapy

I've been a well established Personal Psychotherapist since 2008, and I work at my practice every week-day from my home-office near the Centre of Market Deeping, Peterborough.  I am located very close to The Deepings Senior School.  I work with Adults and Young People (over 18yrs).

A wide variety of individuals visit me from all over the area to discuss something particular, gain understanding, address psychological or emotional issues or improve how they feel about themselves, their relationships or their life in general.

People who visit are looking to understand themselves, live a more fulfilling life, make changes in their life and explore and understand their mind and who they are.  Some people want to work through something particular that is bothering them, stop inner turmoil, recover from trauma, reduce stress, anxiety or improve mood and are ultimately seeking contentment and fulfilment.  In therapy we look at what's bothering you, whats been happening and what makes a difference to that.

With an excess of 10 years experience at my full time practice facilitating medium to long term Psychotherapy, I've also spent some years Tutoring & Lecturing in Psychotherapy and offer Supervision.
Personal Therapy
Anxiety and Stress
"You don't have to have a mental health problem,
to benefit from Personal Therapy"

Issues I work with ..

Counselling in Peterborough

Personal Skills & Development Coaching

Career & working life
Effective Communication
Emotional Balance
Low Confidence
Personality Integration
Psychological Well-being
Self Esteem Issues
Sense of Self Development
Social Development
Significant Life Changes
Self Awareness
Self Empowerment
Self Validation
Life Purpose
Counselling Market Deeping

Relationship Issues

Abuse -Emotional 
Abuse - Psychological
Controlling behaviours
Communication Problems
Divorce and Separation
Intimacy Issues
Relationship Anxiety
Sexual Problems in women
Stress in the relationship
Toxic Relationships
Unhealthy Patterns
Anxiety Counselling

Personal Challenges

Difficult Family Members
Family Disputes
Family Lifestyle
Coping with Children
Living with teenagers
Parenting Skills
Step-family issues
In-law problems
Aging parents
Dominating Family Members
Friendship Difficulties
Coping with Change
Midlife Crisis
Sleep pronlems & insomnia
Work place Stress
Work life Balance
Relationship Stress

Mental Health &

Anxiety Problems
Anger & Irritability
Bi-Polar Disorder
Emotional Distress
Insomnia & Sleep issues
Personality Disorders
Sexual Abuse
Stress Overload
Stress Related Conditions
'You don't have to have a mental health problem to benefit from Personal Therapy'

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