For Women
''You don't have to have a mental health problem to benefit from Personal Therapy'
Julie Morley (Hyp.dip, Ad.dip.CP, MNCS)
Independent Accredited,
Integrative Personal Psychotherapist
Market Deeping & Deeping St James, Peterborough
Tel: 07761 065 726

Personal Psychotherapy & Stress Consultancy

TEXT: 07902 583 487

Welcome to Personal Psychotherapy for Women

Psychotherapy in peterborough
Julie Morley
Hyp.dip, Adv.dip.CP, MNCS Accred
Independent Accredited,
Integrative Personal Psychotherapist
and ex Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy
I am a well established Personal Psychotherapist working every week-day from my home near the Centre of Market Deeping which is located in between Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne and Spalding.  

A wide variety of individuals visit me from all over the area because they need to discuss something particular or wish to gain understanding, address psychological issues and improve how they feel about themselves, their relationships or their life in general.  In therapy we look at what's bothering you, whats been happening and what makes a difference to that.

I have spent some years working with women and men of all ages and I now specialize in the issues that are important or particular to women and women's self development. The areas involved are around personal identity, authenticity, psychological and emotional health, self-esteem, self understanding and personal relationships.

I have a special interest and skill set around the development of the female mind and sense of self and work in a unique way with women and the challenges their lives bring which enhances the therapeutic response.

The aim is to work towards a higher level of long term balance and contentment.

Counselling Peterborough

Personal Development

Emotional Balance
Low Confidence
Personality Integration
Psychological Well-being
Self Esteem
Sense of Self
Social Development
Significant Life Changes
Self Awareness
Self Empowerment
Self Validation
Life Purpose
Psychotherapy and Counselling

Relationship Issues

Abuse -Emotional 
Abuse - Psychological
Abuse - Past sexual abuse
Controlling behaviours
Communication Problems
Divorce and Separation
Intimacy Issues
Relationship Anxiety
Relationship Patterns
Womens Sexual Problems
Mental Health Counselling

Mental Health Issues

Anxiety Disorders
Emotional Breakdown
Health Anxiety
Panic Disorder
Panic Attacks
Post Natal Depression
SAD Syndrome
Trauma & PTSD
Counselling in Market Deeping

Personal Issues

Anger & Irritability
Body Issues
Career Paths
Control Issues
Friends & Social Life
General Anxiety
Low mood
Mid-Life Crisis
Sexual Abuse Surviving
Sleep Difficulties
Stress overload
Work Life
Psychotherapy in Peterborough

Family Life

Difficult Family Members
Family Disputes
Family Lifestyle
Coping with Children
Living with teenagers
Parenting Skills
Work/ Life Balance
Coping with Change
Step-family issues
In-law problems
Aging parents
'You don't have to have a mental health problem to benefit from Personal Therapy'

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