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Trauma Counselling

Experiencing something traumatic can affect a person even though they might not get a diagnosis of actual PTSD.   This doesn't mean it is not an issue.  There is a high and low level scale of everything and each person has a different set of skills to address such things, so even if one person has less symptoms, it does not mean it wasn't as bad for them, it just means different psychological skills were used to manage it.

Trauma itself can be something big or 'small', it depends on the individual who experiences it as to whether it is a trauma to them or not.  What seems like it should be traumatic for one person may not be actually traumatic for another person and visa versa.

Counselling and Psychotherapy supports a person living with the after affects of trauma (big or small) and is complementary to any medical management a person is receiving if their symptoms warranted intervention from conventional medicine.