Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counselling

Julie Morley Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counselling

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Terms, Conditions & Confidentiality



As your counsellor I am committed to you and will give you the time and space to use my expertise, skills and attention. If possible we will agree to a regular time to meet and any necessary changes will be agreed in advance, with as much notice as reasonably possible.


This is between you and I. I might, on occasion make notes but these are purely issue and fact based for memory, (IE names and factual timeline) but not a written recording of a session. I undertake regular supervision where I may explore any issues I feel necessary but identities are not disclosed. I am legally required to break confidentially when legally required to do so.

My fee includes my supervision costs, insurance, training, premises and membership of The Counselling Society. Initially, payment is made in cash at the time of the appointment or by bank transfer prior to the appointment. 

If a booked appointment is cancelled with less than 24hrs notice, the fee for the session is still payable.

Monthly Payment Arrangements

Most people who attend for longer term work pay for 4 appointments in advance so they dont have to think about getting money out each visit.  (If you need to cancel an appointment and payment has been made up front, your appointment carries over to the following week as long as 24hrs or less notice is given, or we are able to re-arrange during the same week). 


Within any session you may wish to disclose a particular issue, situation, incident or even dream or use the time to be quiet and reflect- it is for you to decide.


At the start we may agree a fixed number of sessions or, more usually the number of sessions will be open ended. When you feel that it is appropriate to end our sessions I recommend a minimum of two weeks notice so we can use the opportunity to explore the work we have done, with the aim that you leave with full awareness of where you are at.


I am a member of The Counselling Society and subscribe to their code of ethics which can be read in full on their website.