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Stress Counselling

In life there there will always be stress but if you experience too much stress or for too long, then you might find that you begin to feel discomfort or 'DISTRESS'.   Stress can come from our thinking patterns or from external influences like life changes.
There are symptoms of stress which can be:
  • -physically (symptoms such as pains and tight throat)
  • -psychologically and emotionally (overthinking and feelings of anxiety)
  • -and spiritually (depression or fluctuating moods)

... or most commonly a mixture of all three which alternate at varied times.

It is common to not be able to solve this problem even if you do know what has caused it.  Eventually, this can start to affect your relationships, your work life, your personal and social life and your overall wellbeing and self esteem

Behaviours can change too.  Some might use substances or food, some avoid going to certain places or withdraw from life and stop doing normal activities but get stuck in repeated thought patterns. There can many other ways your behaviours can alter as you try to work out a solution.
Stress Counselling
Stress, Anxiety, Depression and the psychological, emotional and physical symptoms are all connected.

Stress overload can affect your relationships, your work life, your personal and social life and your wellbeing.

The Psychological Symptoms of stress can include overthinking, obsessive thoughts, anxious thinking and worry, inability to concentrate or focus, confusion, pre-occupation, panic, feelings of going mad and more.  Each person will react to stress in a different way. Some more psychological than others.
The Emotional Symptoms of stress can include low mood, irritability, anger issues, confused feelings, feeling overwhelmed and feelings of discontent.

If stress goes on too long, our nervous system can begin to suffer and some people can, over time, suffer from Nervous Breakdown > also known as emotional or mental breakdown.  This often strikes very unexpectedly and without warning.
The Physical Symptoms of stress can include, insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns, nervousness, headaches, muscle plain, low energy, high blood pressure, IBS, panic feelings or attacks and of course many more both mild or serious.
Eventually some illness or ailments start to take place if a person has been under stress too long.  These can be things like high blood pressue, IBS and other physical illnesses or conditions.  TO read more about how I work with the physical symptoms of stress, see my page called STRESS RELATED CONDITIONS