Psychological Therapies for Mental Health and Well-being
MNCS, Hyp.dip, Ad.dip.CP
Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counselling

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Hypno- Psychotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Counselling
for Social Situations

Hypno-Psychotherapy can be very helpful to change how we feel about social situations and this can be in relation to fears about leaving the house or anxiety happening in supermarkets or maybe you get uncontrollable nerves when you have to do public speaking.  Obviously interview nerves is a completely different issue to not being able to live your life to the full because of anxiety and so a mixture of psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can be a powerful combination when working to improve these things.

  • Social Phobia
  • Talking to strangers
  • Confidence
  • Speaking to others
  • Coping with Children
  • Reactions to others
  • Interview fears
  • Going out and leaving the house
  • Public Places