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Hypno- Psychotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Counselling for Social Situations

Mild - Medium Social Anxiety

Mild to Medium Social anxiety I usually define by the fact that you used to be fine with these things earlier in adult life, but somehow you've withdrew and stopped doing them because of other reasons. Now, because of not being involved for so long, its as if you've lost your nerve. Your anxiety reaction might be exteem, but I would still consider this to fall into the medium catagory as this is a shorter fix that severe social anxiety I describe on this page.

Mild - medium anxiety can also be where certain situations specifically cause you anxiety like you may be fine during interviews but crumble when speaking with authority figures.  This might be a new thing or it may have always been there.

Hypno-Psychotherapy can be very helpful to change how we feel about these types of social situations and this can be in relation to fears about leaving the house or anxiety happening in supermarkets or maybe you get uncontrollable nerves when you have to do public speaking. 

Obviously interview nerves is a completely different issue to not being able to live your life to the full because of anxiety and so a mixture of psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can be a powerful combination when working to improve these things.

  • Talking to strangers
  • Nervousness in public places or at events
  • Confidence in others presence
  • Speaking to others
  • Interview fears & Nerves
  • Social Events

Severe Social Anxiety

I define severe social anxiety as a long term issue that goes right back to childhood and involves an inability to communicate with other people in any situation because of disabling fear.  This might involve certain other problems such as certain Personality Disorders, earlier suicide attempts, presently being on psychiatric drugs, sometimes addictions and perhaps a history of repeated Mental Health Sectionning and treatments. 

If you are under the healthcare of a Psychiatrist and on certain psychiatric drugs, there will be certain areas which Psychotherapy can help support which I can explain during our first assessment.