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Life Changes and Challenges

Sometimes we choose a life change and sometimes we don't and life just throws them at us anyway.  Big big changes AND small changes that can cause difficulty and for each person this is different.

Some examples of changes that can cause difficulty in adjusting include:
Becoming single
A new life style
A loss of ability to do a much loved hobby
The failure of a business venture
Moving house or town
Changing jobs
Moving out of a long term career
Moving INTO a new career
Reaching an age milestone
Failure of exams
Losing a job
Starting a family
Getting an illness
A death in the family or of a friend
The loss of a pet
Kids leaving home or changing schools or even just entering a new lfe stage
Loss of ability
A new partner
Changes in feelings:
Sudden unfulfilment of job or career
A feeling of discontent in a relationship
A dull feeling of general life unfulfillment
Change in feelings towards family members
Change in feelings towards colleagues

This is not a complete list.  This is just a list of some of the issues that can cause difficulties and also can cause mental health problems if left to long without solving.