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Sexual Issues for Individuals in Relationship Therapy

Sex is an important part of intimate relationships and when sex goes wrong it can cause anxiety, turmoil and arguments.  Even though it seems as if sex is talked about everywhere, within intimate relationships it is often not talked about much in the right way, especially when there is a problem between a couple. It is a difficult and emotionally loaded issue when there is a problem and so people avoid it or continue to try to fix it but go round in circles.

In counselling, I work with individuals who wish to discuss past or present sexual problems they have, despite not having the partner in the therapy.  After getting over the weirdness of talking about sex, exploring the issues can shed light on what went wrong, whats going on now and where to go from here.

Some of the issues people seek help with are: 
Mis-match in sex drive, initiating sex, lack of desire, arousal problems, pornography use (mis-use), sexual behaviour, Sexuality (sexual personality)