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Sexual Abuse Counselling

Disclosing historical sexual abuse is a difficult thing to do and many have never disclosed it to anyone, or if they did, it was not spoken of again whether it stopped after that point or not.  If you were interfered with in this way when young, you may be left with emotional scars and as an adult, people often have trust, relationship and sexual issues in their adult relationships, not to mention how you feel about yourself and fears for your own children. The abusers are often still in the picture somehow since most abuse cases happen involving someone who was or still is known to you.

In addition to this, those who have experienced this may now be left with unclear perceptions of who and what is trustworthy and some might over trust when perhaps they shouldn't, in other words they don't pick up the right signals that might signal dangerto most people and therefore find themselves in abusive relationships again.

Counselling aims to free you from the burden of carrying the effects of the experience of sexual abuse throughout your life.