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Psychotherapeutic Development and Identity Therapy

Self Development
The aim of Self Development in Psychotherapy is about personal development and improvement and becoming the best that you can be. Although this positive side of psychotherapy happens at certain times during your psychotherapy, it can also be a reason to start therapy.

Removing blocks like stress, depression, irritability to make a decision and a variety of other unhelpful things brings you to learning about yourself can give you great self empowerment, self understanding and self acceptance that creates a more self assured person overall. This type of positive psychotherapy aims to help you find your own meaning in life, re-build a life that has recently changed or take you off in a completely new direction.

On a personal level, it aims to improve self esteem, build inner confidence, develop more meaningful and rewarding relationships which means that positive choices and change is long term.
Many people enter therapy because they seem to not know who they are any more. Things may have changed around you, relationships may have changed or been lost or you may have entered a new life stage or new era in life.

Very often this can cause a surreal feeling of not knowing who you are anymore. This sometimes causes anxiety or depression. At times some people can move through this but due to certain circumstances, sometimes this is more difficult than others and you seem to get stuck.

This sometimes happens when people are in new circumstances. You find yourself totally unprepared for the new situation- even if you go there by choice. Sometimes old memories come up.

In counselling and psychotherapy, work is done to balance a person from the inside out, exploring new life changes and how this feels, closing past issues, opening new doors of opportunity and finding your sense of self once again, or indeed finding it for the first time.