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Relaxation & Healing ...

Guided Meditation, Visualisation, Reflexology & Hypnotherapy Sessions

Guided meditation, visualisation and Hypnosis sessions for deep relaxation can be arranged where you  relax deeply and de-stress emotionally, physically and psychologically.  These sessions aim to support mindfulness* and raise self awareness of body and mind. Reflexology is a hands on therapy using pressure points in the feet aimed at triggering self healing or supporting or improving chronic illness.

Once a person knows how to feel deeply relaxed, this gives a person access to some self healing, some control over physical symptoms of stress or anxiety, some self awareness of inner feelings (without the usual fears attached) and with practice can bring a certain amount of enlightenment- depending on how far you want to take things.

For some, just some time and space to relax and take time out with the guidance within therapy can be what these sessions are for.

*You may find Mindfulness Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy of interest and you can click here read more about this.

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