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Psychotherapeutic Life Coaching

Some people's therapy moves to a more Life Coaching experience and some people enter therapy at this point.  These sessions are aimed at moving towards life's purpose without the blocks that hold us back, which are usually hidden within our own selves.

Unlike conventional Life Coaching, Psychotherapeutic Coaching involves weekly therapeutic sessions of personal exploration and may include homework of varying kinds and instead of working through difficult issues, you are now working from a more positive stand point.

Some sessions might feel a little like lessons in life, but these are lessons in YOUR Life. Guidance is bought in from a theoretical and philosophical orientations.  Some of the work is about gaining a new perspective on yourself, your inner relationship with yourself and life's purpose and what you are doing here on earth with your life.  It's a bit like doing a course on yourself.

The learning and development involved can not be unlearned and dramatic changes can take place either within a person or in their world or indeed the people in their world. This type of therapy provides choice and empowerment.