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Psychological Well-being 

Having good health and well-being means that you achieve and maintain mental /emotional stability, physical fitness with absence of distress or dis-ease.  Many factors contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing and some of these can be social, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Psychological well-being and mental health are terms used to describe the resulting level of psychological and emotional stability and ability to function effectively  that arise from your ability or inability to cope with lifes demands.

The level of a persons problems in this area can be mild, moderate or severe and you might  have been diagnosed with something like anxiety of some type, post traumatic stress, panic disorder, depression or panic attacks and this amounts to more of a mental health issue.

Sometimes though, people wish to enter therapy to sort out their psychological concerns when it has not amounted to a mental health issue exactly but they still feel they would benefit from therapy.  This is when personal psychotherapy is the best option.

Psychotherapy aims to achieve an improved level of health and wellbeing by balancing emotions and personality traits, reducing stress, improving relationships with others, processing difficult experiences and reducing the power of our complex's and neurotic tendencies.