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Julie Morley Psychotherapy 


Professional Support

People in front line roles like Doctors and Nurses and other related medical staff, police and the armed forces, can be confronted with a range of challenging situations creating significant stress at work.  A stressful workplace or role can have a huge impact on your working life and this can spread to your private life.  On top of this, personal life can actually also interfer into your worklife too. 

If your day-to-day role involves dealing with distressing or emotionally charged tasks or information, or you have to deal with difficult or threatening behaviour, this can all take its toll on you and your health.  Often seen as  'part of the job', people can be left feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, which can have a dramatic impact on your confidence.  Professional Support can allows space and time to 'unload' and reflect on the challenges of difficult roles, whilst identifying the impact your work may be having on your personal and professional life. 

Further to this, when a person in a job of this kind has personal problems, it can be extremely difficult to seek and find confidential emotional or psychological support or indeed feel as if you should or can seek this support.