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Personality Disorders

A personality disorder is usually seen as a cause of unbalanced mental health.  However, if a persons behaviours have taken a person to coping by using substances (like drugs or alcohol), then personality changes can happen that mimic certain types of personality disorders.

Some professionals prefer to call some personality disorders, personality types.  In fact it is unlikely to be diagnosed as a 'disorder' unless the personality is causing a negative impact in society (like criminal offending) or to oneself and even then it can take a long time for such a diagnosis.

Some people who have been diagnosed with a 'personality disorder' or suspect they may have one, seek therapy & counselling to help support in their relationships, thoughts and emotions.  However, some people with Personality Disorder are very high functioning in most areas of life except relationships. 

Within relationships, a person with a problematic personality type can often be physically or emotionally abusive to others (sometimes without meaning to be), and some people attract people who will mistreat them.

Just as with those who do not have personality disorder, therapy can be about working through past difficult experiences, relationship support, managing emotions, stress management, anxiety problems, grief, loss or working on personal development. Some people attend regular therapy on a long term basis to assist with coping with daily life.

Partners, Friends and Family
Some people attend therapy to deal with emotional problems or trauma caused by having or being in a relationship with someone who seems they might have a personality problem.  The relationship can be a present or past romantic involvement, work related, parent/child or friend.  It is not always diagnosed as most people that do have personality issues are in the main, not causing themselves or society at large a problem.

Personality problems or disorders are highly complex so to discuss whether counselling & Psychotherapy with me may help you with anything linked to a personality disorder, arranging a meeting is probably the best way to work out if therapy with me would be suitable for you or it might be that I know someone more suited who I could recommend or refer you to. 

I am not able to diagnose a personality disorder.