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Julie Morley Psychotherapy 


Personal Psychotherapy

Whereas Counselling tends to be aimed at short-term immediate issues, full psychotherapy tends to be accepted as a more longer term therapy which explores and can alter a way of being on a deeper level of psychological functioning and emotional processing.

Psychotherapy involves exploring how you think, feel, function in the world, including bringing that which is unconscious into awareness.  Most people have a curiosity about what Personal Therapy could offer them and that's because almost anyone can benefit from personal therapy.

The way I describe the aim of overall therapy is that it's like a graphic equaliser displaying sound parts of music where some are dominant and some are beneath the line.  So therapy brings parts of you to the surface, and reduces parts of you that are running the show too much and aims for balance as best as possible. These parts can be personality parts, coping mechanisms, complexes, neurotic parts, repressed needs and wants, ego states and the functions of thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition. We all have a complexity to that which makes us unique.

Therapy aims to result in profound positive, long term changes in behaviors, feelings, personality and internal mental, physiological and emotional processing.  People find that Psychotherapy also assists in defining and clarifying core values, improves functioning in the world and how you relate to yourself and others.  Successful Psychotherapy can be life changing and self empowering.  The aim is long term balance and contentment.

Where there are psychological & emotional difficulties, I work with a wide variety of issues and Mental Health Problems which are described elsewhere on the website.

What Will We Talk About?

The range of things people talk about in therapy is extensive and can be simple or very complex. There are no rules. It could be talk about your life and experiences in the present or the past or you could be talking about your thoughts and feelings, your hopes and fears, your memories or dreams.

People want different things from therapy too.  Some will want emotional or psychological exploration and understanding and others will want practical support for a specific issue. Some people are looking for life's purpose.

These variations make a difference to the shape of our conversations. At times they may be deep and thoughtful and at other times quite energized and creative. Sometimes things can get practical as we work through immediate things together or we may be moving more slowly, recognizing deep difficult feelings current or past. Reviewing your past is not necessarily an uncomfortable thing either, many people who have found the courage to re-live a difficult past issue have found it less uncomfortable than they thought it would be and describe intrigue, relief and often wish they had done it sooner.

How Long Will It Take?
There is no knowing how long it will take to get from therapy what you came for and no rules about how long you stay or when you end therapy.  Some people are dealing with an imediate particular issue and end therapy straight after this, others choose to explore further to enhance their personal development and some come to therapy knowing the want long term therapeutic contact from the start. Everyone has their own pace and needs from therapy so the above ‘stages’ of counselling just give a rough indication of the structure.