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During counselling & Therapy with me the issue of eating often arises.  This may or may not be accompanied by concerns about your body, your weight or health conditions that my be affected by food intake. 


In relation to ailments and illness, my aims are to:

  • Identify any deficiencies or imbalances that you may have which when improved might eliminate or reduce conditions you may have
  • Recognise a variety of health conditions that may be caused by food or dietary habits
  • Improve your intake of nutrients and micro-nutrients needed by the body for health
  • Recognise when issues relating to food intake are affecting other bodily systems
  • Work around the psychological or emotional reasons for mis-using food


In relation to your eating and health, I work around the psychological issues as to why you may be mis-using food as there are various reasons behind this and can include genetics, personality, personal history, neurological make-up, emotional and social factors.

Counselling and Psychotherapy around nutrition with me supports a person with ailments and conditions and is complementary to any medicial management a person is receiving.  Often problems with over eating subside after full psychotherapy where it deals with deep emotions and processing.

Please note,
I do not make dietary plans for you to work to nor to I run any kind of diet or weight loss plan or programme or provide dietary suppliments