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Mid-life Crisis

Despite the humour surrounding mid-life crisis, it is important to not make the mistake of confusing mid-life crisis with mental health crisis, even though they can interlink a little sometimes.

Many people might question themselves as to whether they are really in a 'mid-life' crisis (which is not a technical term), expecially if they are not actually in their mid-life.  It is common for a person to experience some mild to medium levels of Internal conflict at various times of their lives and sometimes it becomes what appears to be- rather extreme reactions to it. 

A crisis of this kind can happen at any time in life and comes down to a sense of not being at the right point, or being on the right path in life and stuff from deep down inside you comes to the surface and causes you to react and do something. This can cause anxiety and relationship difficulties. 

Counselling & Psychotherapy aims to work through what is happening to you, help alleviate negative feeling, make necessary changes with minimum impact on other important people in your life and aims at insilling a sense of emotional balance, direction and contentment.