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Love Issues

This is easy for some but not easy for others. Some fall in love too fast with too many people and some just don't at all. Some people struggle to find a suitable partner even though they want to, and some find themselves picking people that are unsuitable, repeatedly.  For some they find that no one hits the mark and initial attraction simply turns off and those that might fall in love to fast, might repeatedly find themselves in difficult relationships or not in a relationship at all.   For some they find that they are repeatedly rejected by others and never seem to get what theyre after.

Attraction and love is a complex area and can amount to short or long term therapy to create a more balanced, flexible and more fullfilling existence.

It is natural to fall in love but it is also natural to fall out of love, but you dont always want that to happen.  When feelings change it can impact hard on the relationshp and the people in it. By this time you could be married with children, or committed to a mortgage or just living with someone.  It is not a pleasant experience and when it happens, arguments start to happen, resentments build up and people emotionally and sexually pull away from their partner.

It might be that you are repeatedly carried away by life and relationships and regularly find yourself in this situation or in an unhealthy and damaging relationship which makes you feel bad, along with many types of losses taking place along the way. 

For some people close relationships cause much anxiety and for others commitment in the first place causes difficulty. 

Psychotherapy aims to support a person towards healthier loving relationships, including working on the current relationship to see if love for that person can be 'reignited'.