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Julie Morley Psychotherapy 


Long or Short Term Therapy

If you only have one issue you want to focus on then short term counselling might be best.

If you’d like to understand yourself, and how your past has informed your present day patterns, have several issues you’d like to approach, or just aren’t sure what you will discover, then long-term therapy might be called for.

How sure am I about trying therapy?

If you are really worried whether therapy is for you, trying a shorter term therapy might be helpful to give you an idea of the process. It’s better than not seeking any support at all. If after short-term therapy you still feel the need for support,  you can then continue into something longer (or do another round of short-term therapy, also always an option).

Are my issues an integrated part of my personality? 

If the problem you have is a deeply ingrained part of your personality it’s more likely that long-term therapy is for you. For example, if for your entire life you have found sustaining a relationship difficult and tend to jump from one romance to the next, or if you have always suffered anxiety around social interaction, such things might be indicative of core behavioural patterns that require consistent and steady work.

Cost of Long Term Therapy

If you don’t have a regular amount each month that you can use for long term therapy but you are struggling, then short-term therapy is better than no help at all.  However, long term therapy is often done at a reduced rate.