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Psychotherapeutic Life Coaching

As it is often the case that after having some counselling or psychotherapy to a point where you are feeling balanced, healthy, stable, taking full personal responsibility for oneself and have developed self understanding and validation, the therapy leans in a more positive direction and this is more like life coaching.  This is why I call my life coaching Psychotherapeutic Life Coaching.

Many people enter therapy because they are interested in what goes on inside their minds and want self understanding and clarification of life's purpose. So if you are this type of person, you can either go into the more analytical type of psychotherapy where your past is explored and you explore all your functionning in the world, or you can start at the Psychotherapeutic Life Coaching point and if any blocks come up from the past then they are addressed if necessary at these points.

Unlike conventional Life Coaching, the provision I offer involves weekly therapy 1hr sessions and may include homework of varying kinds, your own research, trying new ways of operating in the world, us going out into the community or into the environment and basically anything goes (within reason).  Some sessions might feel a little like lessons in life, but these are lessons in YOUR Life. You are the lead.

So in all, the combination of the psychotherapy angle, within life coaching can be a highly powerful experience, rather like doing a course on yourself. The learning and development involved can not be unlearned and dramatic changes can take place either within a person or in their world.

Payment is however asked for in advance with life coaching, rather than afterwards as with therapy and this is because of the differing drivers for attending, however this does not amount to many hundreds as with typical life coaches.  Please see the prices page for more info on this.