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Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety is usually a symptom of unbalanced mental health. However, when a person is anxious about their health for a truly valid reason, like after getting a diagnosis, then this can then be a cause of unbalanced mental health.

Health Anxiety is when a person becomes un necessarily pre-occupied or obsessed about their physical health and it is now causing them problems in other areas of life.  When it is at it's extreem and without valid reason, then a person might be considered to have Hypochondria.

Some people have health anxiety when they have a medical condition that they worry about excessively and for others they might have unexplained aches or pains that despite reassurance from a Doctor, they remain overly concerned with.   For other people they worry about an impending illness they might get in the future and this often happens when they are suffering from anxiety or stress and the related symptoms or illnesses that can accompany this.
In counselling and psychotherapy, the work we do would be around finding the root cause of the health anxiety and working with thoughts, feelings and the emotional reactions to health and also work will be done around other areas in your life with the aim to achieve emotional and psychological balance.