Psychological Therapies for Mental Health and Well-being
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Psychotherapy and Mental Health Counselling

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Looking for Counselling or Psychotherapy for someone else?

Thank you for helping your friend/ partner / child / sibling (or other) to find a local therapist to support them using talking therapies.  Many people seek a Counsellor for their friends or family members and this is normal.  Often a person has requested that you find them a therapist and this is the ideal situation. It is OK to make an appointment on behalf of someone else but all contact thereafter will be direct with the person in counselling if they are over 18 and the appointment will be confirmed directly with them on text or email.

For others, you might believe your friend/ family member /partner needs counselling but this person doesn't know you are looking or does not agree with the idea.

If you're bringing the person to the session/sessions, I'm happy to meet and say hello to you and sometimes this can support them with any nervousness in meeting someone new but after that, my contract will be only with them and as it's strictly confidential so you wont be able to stay for the first session. (unless they're under 18).

In our first session we will decide together if we are suitable for each other and identify what the person would like to achieve from therapy.  Please try as many therapists as it takes to find a suitable person to work with.

It would be unethical for me to later converse with you about their therapy, nor can I add you in to their sessions at a later date.



If it transpires that couples or family therapy would be a better way forward for them at any point, then this is addressed by using therapists trained in family therapy or for couples.



It is often the case that changes take place with the person in counselling and this can start to happen imediately or can take a long time to start.  At times these changes can be big and significant and appear fantastic to other people in their life and sometimes the changes may seem disruptive, unexpected and unwanted by others in their lives. Sometimes the changes are internal and not seen on the outside and so others believe nothing is changing but this is often not the case. 

Communication usually improves during therapy as does the assertiveness and self esteem of the person.  This is not always seen as a good thing by family members and friends. Sometimes things can get worse before they get better too.

The therapy that I facilitate with people invokes personal change which sometimes causes changes in their relationships with others, and this is normal and can be on a small or significant level. 

My advice to family and friends is to expect the unexpected.  Things don't very often happen the way a family member or friend thinks they should.

NOTE: If you believe you are needing support with a mental health crisis, please see my crisis page >