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Relationship Therapy for Individuals - Family Issues

In family situations there are a great many things that can go wrong. With any group of people in close proximity there are bound to be issues sometimes, but sometimes there is some major dynamic that is affecting the family and its functionning.

Sometimes, this can involve transitional stages including getting married, having a first baby, unexpected pregnancies, children getting older, children moving into teenage years and when children leave home.  Influences and sometimes interference comes from inlaws, friends, neighbours and some families have the added pressures of being step- families or having step children visit.

Sometimes, difficulties arise in step families and differing ideas about how things should be done and feelings created when two families come together.

How a family functions can go wrong and much upset, anger, frustration and disagreements can take place where no-one ends up very happy at home.

Counselling can be helpful in these circumstances as it can define the problem and improve communication and gain understanding of others, whether one, both or all of the people attend the therapy session and identify ways to do things better so that everyone is more content.